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Build Green New Mexico



"The design and construction was excellent. Strosnider Co. gives you an opportunity to incorporate your own ideas and touches before construction."
Larry and Emily Foor


Every home is designed to maximize living space, improve efficiency and to conserve building materials, water and energy. All heating and cooling systems (HVAC) have undergone rigorous design criteria to ensure each home has met the goal of reduced energy costs. After thorough review of the construction specifications for the home, the engineering team will compute the heating and cooling demands of the dwelling. With this data, they are able to specify the entire HVAC system to include the sizing of the HVAC equipment along with the number, size and locations of all supply & return registers. All HVAC systems have also been randomly tested in the field and approved by an independent contractor to assure optimum performance and quality control.


Engineered lumber, R-30 blown-in ceiling insulation, R-23 blown-in wall insulation, low ‘E’ windows, foam-seal air-filtration package, 13 Seer refrigerated air conditioning with Energy Star auto programmable thermostat, 94% + efficient gas furnace are inclusive in all homes built by Strosnider. All HVAC duct work is designed to be located within the heated area of the building (not the attic) thus increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system year round. All HVAC duct work seams are sealed with a unusual mastic (not duct tape) to prevent any leakage in the HVAC trunk system. After installation, all exterior windows are sealed with a self-adhesive tape membrane to prevent any air or dust filtration between the window frame and the outside wall. All exterior penetrations ranging from electrical wires to conduit pipes are foam-sealed to prevent air filtration from outside to inside.


By utilizing this progressive philosophy when designing and building a new home, the homeowner will experience improved indoor air quality along with a comfortable climate controlled dwelling with an average of 30% reduction in overall utility costs as well as a significant reduction in water use. As reported by New Mexico Business Weekly, The Strosnider Company was recognized as #2 of 24 Green Builders in the Albuquerque area


All homes have incorporated various design elements including the elimination of all steps and replaced them with a gradual ramps. All door openings and bathrooms have been redesigned and widened to provide improved wheel chair function. Lever type door knobs also help create a more functional home for homeowner’s in varied stages of their lives.

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